El origen de Mr. Freack, 2020
LAVERA by Greg Schriefer

El origen de Mr. Freack, 2020

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"Serie Mrs" Collection
Acrylic and oil on canvas.

79" x 43"
Whenever I go to London I pass through Camden Town. One day, when I was there by the Regent's Canal, I saw it.
Multi Colored straws fell from his head like bouquets, his jacket with shoulder pads had big stars that seemed to accuse anyone who could not see them and his red pants imposed his gait. It was Mr. Freak.

In the work we can see Mr Freak walking with his dog and an octopus peeking out from his left side, referring to the plate of food that the artist was about to eat at the time she was painting the work: Galician Octopus.